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We supply quality ecological products.

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The best ingredients for cheese and dairy products

If you are looking for the best ingredients for cheese and dairy products, here we are at your disposal! Sky Kitrino Trading Ltd, having established cooperation with the most reputable and reliable suppliers within EU, can deliver the exact functionalities you need for your application.

Constant updating and expansion allow us to quickly and timely respond to customer needs by providing you with all the necessary products and a full range of technological support.

We offer a comprehensive partnership by providing facilities to solve technical issues, finding new opportunities to introduce new products to market and increase your profits.

Our Products

We supply quality ecological products.

Bacterial starter cultures   

From our suppliers’ large and increasingly biodiverse collection, we can deliver...


Coagulants (animal and microbial)

Coagulants, whether of animal origin – that is, rennet – or of microbial origin...


Cheese coatings and packaging materials

An essential ingredient for natural-ripened cheeses, cheese coating offers...


Colorants and additives     

Annatto is one of the oldest natural food colors produced by extracting pigments...